Have you got extensive industry experience?

Have you been doing your job for many years and have no formal qualification?

Do you have a great deal of personal life experience that you have gained from being a volunteer or doing other roles in your community?

Contact King’s Institute of Management and Technology and organise a FREE CONSULTATION to see if you can get recognition of prior learning for your skills, knowledge and experience.


What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning recognises what you have already learnt, from life experiences, from work experience (both paid and unpaid) or from any relevant training. If you can provide sufficient evidence to prove you are competent in a particular unit you may not have to study that unit.

If you are granted RPL you will have fewer units to complete which saves you money and time and you are recognised as having skills and knowledge on entry into the course.


Is there a cost for RPL?

The initial consultation is free, and then if you decide to go ahead with applying for RPL you will need to:

  • Complete an RPL application form and return to RPL Coordinator

  • Pay non-refundable assessment fee of AU$350

  • Complete the Evidence Gathering Tool

  • Seek assistance from RPL Coordinator if necessary


RPL Fee Table

Initial Consultation


Assessment Fee (non-refundable)

$350 to be paid before assessment commences

Cost per Unit (Business, Marketing and Management)

$295 per unit given RPL for (to be paid before certificate issued)

Cost per Unit (Commercial Cookery and Hospitality)

$180 per unit given RPL for (to be paid before certificate issued)

Gap Training

$250 per unit (no Administration fee) (must be paid before gap training commences)