KIMT is a great place to study. I recently joined the college and they have assisted me throuhot the whole process of admission and enrolment. The team of staff here are so cheerful and helpful. The trainers are very professional and friendly. My experience here has been wonderful so far and i strongly recommend KIMT to any prospective students.
Amethyst Ibarra, Philippines

Being one of the pioneer student from the Philippines, I can confidently say that King’s Institute of Management and Technology has beome a medium in developing my knowlege and skills to become a globally competent individual. I have gained many new friends and were able to immerse with other nationalities while exploring my capabilities.
Joan Mae Yu, Philippines

I love studying at KIMT! The course is very well designed and the trainers have interesting methods
of teaching the units. I gained a lot of knowledge, experience and a lot of new friends from many
different parts of the world. – Jery Winiarczuk, Poland

It has been a great experience studying at King’s Institute. The management staff and the trainers are very helpful and friendly at all times. – Gurbakhshish Kaur, India

The learning environment at King’s College has enhanced my personal and professional development. The approach to teaching is very practical and gives me an understanding of the real world. – Hee Jung Ko, South Korea

I must really thank all the staff in King’s! They are great, helpful and supportive. Upon admission, the Director has given good advice on the pathways that I could take towards my tertiary education. – Jamil Haider Kazmi, Pakistan

I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the King’s College staff. I feel that whatever I achieve in the near future, it is because of their teaching and guidance. – Mehru Seth, India

I studied Diploma of Hospitality at King’s College. My trainer made the learning experience a fun and memorable one. – Wei Ying Huang, China

I chose to study in King’s Institute as it offered a course which promised to lead me towards achieving my ambition, which is to work in my chosen career. The college also offers a multi-cultural environment with students from all over the world. – Jagdish Singh, India

Being an international student from Nepal, I struggled initially to fit into the culture and environment. But, thanks to the college staff and the Student Support Officer, Ms Colleen, I have had huge amount of support and now found that I’m successful in my studies. – Amrit Gurung, Nepal

King’s Institute is a perfect place to gain knowledge. The flexibility of the education complements my interest and I’d be better equipped by the time of my graduation. In my opinion, everything that I learn at King’s will take me far in the future. – Navreet Kaur, India

King’s college is staffed with good lecturers who inspire us to achieve great things in life. They are also very friendly. The teaching methods are of high quality. It is the right place to make dreams come true. – Novena Kartika Dewi, Indonesia